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Pouneh Saeedi

ENGB35 Exam Notes and The Hunger Games  Write in pen, double-spaced  Read instructions  Section A: answer: o Only answer a) OR b) per question  Short Answer: Answer 6/9 questions o cumulative o Offer choice o Show off your analytic skills and concepts o Based on issues, themes noted in class o Mostly applied knowledge o Not looking for ten distinct marks  Marked based on level of insight  Essay Section: o Write about 2 or more books that you haven‟t written about in your essay o Make argument, but you can prepare things you want to say o Do NOT repeat yourself in section A, though if you can show you know more than what you wrote in section A, then go ahead and use it if you need to o The questions in section A may help you think about your essay  You can totes use them The Hunger Games:  Katniss covering Rue‟s body with flowers o It‟s a rebellion because the Capitol dehumanize the tributes and whatnot o This is a strategy K uses to rehumanize herself o It shows that people aren‟t barbaric and whatnot  Effie Trinket talks about table manners and stuff  Very colonial discourse  The games depend on barbarism  Kind of an allegory for neoimperial colonialism o A form of respect for the body  President Snow seems kind of descendant of the White Witch  The frozenness of his tyrannical state  Not just a ritual that reinforces the past  But meant to show that the inhabitants of the district do not own their bodies  Or their identities o Peeta = moral guide for Katniss; his words before the games  He‟s much more ahead of her at thinking through the implications of the situation  She‟s got a very restricted viewpoint  She remembers him saying stuff about how he wants to die himself and whatnot  Not even just the Capitol has the power of life and death, it holds the narrative of their lives in its hands o Rue = Prim substitute  The flowers themselves—they look like rue flowers  More weedy than primroses, but in film, she‟s covered with rues  K giving Rue back her identity, with the flowers that she‟s named for  K‟s dad: “You can survive if you can find yourself,”  Yeah, it helps her survival, „cause it‟s a plant  But also the “be true to yourself” moral  Uses the natural world and childhood as shorthands for romanticism  Playing romanticism vs. Hobbesian state of nature (life is nasty, brutish, short) o Not nature at all, it‟s Capitol-inflicted Hobbesian war o That the Hobbesian state produces radical individualism
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