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University of Toronto Scarborough
Alexandra Flynn

Lost Highway Wife's name? Renee What did they say on intercom? Dic Laurent is dead What did she stay home to do? Read Why does he call home? He thinks his wife is out, and that he cheated on him Do you own video camera: I like to remember things my own way. The way I remember them, not necessarily the way it happened. Do they have and use alarm system? They have alarm, they used to use it, but then it kept having false alarms so they stopped using it. The guy that does this is Dic Laurents Friend Friends name: Andy What's peter job? Mechanie What's the hustlers name? Mr Eddie, also referred to as Dic Laurent What car does hustler have? Benz Mr Eddie is Dic Laurent Where does she meet Andy - place called Mokes and he told her about a job, to Fred she said she doesn’t know what kind of job, but to Pete she says it was a pornstar actor. How does Alice plan to escape? Go to andy’s house, shell send him to get drinks at 11 15, and then Pete will strike him in the head, they’ll steal all his stuff and use that to get money to get a passport, and escape the country. Where does Peter enter in Andy's house? Where does he wait for Andy? Through the back door, and he waits in the kitchen. How does Andy die ? He jumps to fight Pete, and crashes his head into the class table Where do they go after leaving Andy's house? Desert to see friend for passport at his cabin When Peter says I want you, what does Alice say? You’ll never have me Hotel name where Renne and Mr Eddie are is called? What room number were they in? What room number was Fred in? They were in room 25 of Lost Highway Hotel, and he was in room 26. Detour What's the characters name? Al Robert Where is he headed? East Where is he from? West What triggers his monologue? Where does his first monologue happen? What is he doing there ? The song, coffee store, drinking coffee What's his girlfriends name? Where is she going leaving him? Why is she going there? Sue, Hollywood, to get famous and make a career for herself What's in the glove compartment? Little box with something to eat
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