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Lecture Week 2
Some of the technology that are being brought up today, are not really possible *arguments?* - University experienceThis is how university life
Conversation – while reading with prof/peers
Information is process through the human mind, and put out to share, thus making us
Education is an experience
Knowledge has two approaches : 1)Empirical and 2) Humanities
Empirical science is divided into two branches:
Natural Science (Bio, Chem)
Social science (Anthro, economics, sociology)
History - facts happen, it can change
Empirical – experience in trial
Speculative – to ask questions
Empirical thinking – Parents want child to do something useful, but child is an art student.
Speculative thinking – doing something useful, youre way
Wisdom + Critical thinking skills
Humanities Week 5 – The Visual
To shape/manipulate perspective.
Target audiences
Is Family Guy a racist show? -yes, b/c it brings racial content to be comedic, in a way promotes
it. – Either to promote more racial stereotypes, or make it funny, so one can see how stupid racial
stereotypes are
Groupon (company goal is to save money) – honest, bluntly, ironic, offensive commercials
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