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Lecture 11:
What is art?
-Art is the expression of creativity/imagination, or both.
-Art – human creative skill or its application
-Creative activity, esp. Painting and drawing, resulting in visual representation
-Human skill or workmanship as opposed to the work of nature
-Artifact – a product of human skill and workmanship
-A product of prehistoric or
-Perspective – the art of drawing solid objects on two-dimensional surface
-Aspect (ancient Egyptian - Seen form the point of view of the object
-Perspective (Greek or Western) – Seen from the personal point of view of a human
What is art, and what is not??
Is everything is art, than everything is questioned
Music is another form of art --- a variation
Platos Cave --- lies – all the poets, and artists deceives us
By looking at art---we experience the idea/emotion of the artist
Art or artifact?
Piss Christ – HUGE out roar. The glow is ‘piss
-Street artist
-Writer and artist
-Pro in stencil / graffiti
-From London
Genius / vandalism *He did a reverse shoplifting, for Paris Hilton CD)
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