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1.Characterized of the people?
-Impression of the parents Laura, puts her daughters best interests first
-Both parents are naïve, and taking up opportunity from the media, but are def.
normal parents. They didnt let themselves realized the negative
-Father was consume was with money, and financial business
-Mother is portrayed sympathetically
-Father is focus for more publicity
-Tony is focused also, but he is jealous, but being with art = money. His painting
would take 9 months to finish, but sells one art for $100. Tony is doing marketing ---
looking at the commodity. Frustrated and jealous. Abstract is a scam, implying
there is a built in value.
-Parents pretending what they dont knowmakes them careless to their children
2.Reflection of the viewers. Abstract art---something provoke one to think, and
interpreted one to think of it in their own way. Some people want to look at the
history.the painting, is done by Marla innocents, pure. If someone helped Marla,
then the representation of the painting will be destroyed. How do we value the art?
.. is art = labour? Value? = Time and work, or idea and skills?
3.At a certain age, people will be molded to think a way
4.Money =
Week 12 Humanities Guest Lecture Performance
Performance elements:
-Performers body
-Relationship b/t performer and audience
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