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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marlene Goldman

Lecture 1120304 521 PMMarlene Goldman Homework Wilderness Tips First 2 storiesAcademic Letter Program Year what I read Who I love What are my academic goals What do I want to work on writing arguments Like everyone there is always room for improvement for writing Its interesting that writing is a skill that can always be enhancedPHOTO Brag about something NONACADEMIC overall I really like this approach this is something I would surely love to You mentioned you like yoga I love being active and I started doing hot yogaLecture 2120304 521 PM Margret AtwoodFeminist power dynamicsStudied at UofTGender stereotyping Prolific associations with this term she is constantly workingshe has become a commodity that has been exported is there edge on this woman She is marketed as a Canadian author o attracted to Atwood because of her chilling gothic themes edgy politics which is different from the Canadian themes o concerned about the image of the citizen of Canada She grew up reading stories where parents abandoned children that have to contendo This may help to explain why the wilderness is explained as a force to be reckoned witho Notice how darkness is personified described as sorrow waiting Atwood is fond of the techniques as she animates things that we dont necessarily give life Wilderness is NOT a novel this is a short story collection Short stories are harder to contend with with a novel you have a consistent set of characters All the adventures are unified whereas in short stories it isnt All of the stories contain aspects of contemporary Canadian life and move forward in time form 19501980s They also shift back and forth in space o Consistent juxtaposition between the wilderness and contemporary She is playing on the notion of WILDERNESS Locating Wilderness in Contemporary societycharting our hears of DarknessWilderness encompasses a geographic place and also social and psychics spacea whole societal outlookShe emphasis the multiple meanings of the north Wilderness is a place and a state of mindo She might be so popular because there is a long tradition of people identifying Canadian literature with the northern So many people come to this country to see the polar bearwe have become the country for the true north strong and free o Wilderness were living in an urban wilderness Its a psychological and social realm What are your association with tipsAdviceguidelinesbeing preparedWhat you should not doSharp point VerbGratuityExposing a secretTip lineanonymous atwood is constructing something that isnt fully represented with this tipTrue TrashWilderness Dealing with gender and gender stereotyping is a themeOnly Ronnete has been accorded the dignity of her full name All the othe waitresses have nicknamesthis shows the importance of namingo Ronnete knows older secret mysterious things Shows the power of sex Once she unleashes the agency of sex and recognizing sex and acknowledng conscious ablut her sexual power she becomes powerful as a woman This is like the story Alice Munro Thanks for the rideshe recognizes her sexual ability which makes her intimidating powerfulo The importance of names annd nickames show your position of power the counselors call the campers GRUBBIES There is no wilderness in this although the title is Wilderness Tipswhy is that Its not wilderness in the sense that there are forests but this is the closest to the wilderness we will get too GENDER AND CLASS
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