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Majorie Rubright

ENGC35 1Notes from All Readings this Semester Genesis 1119People try to build a tower to reach heaven Lord saw the city and tower the children of the men built and realized because they are all one and have one language they are very powerful Therefore he confound their language so that they would not understand one another and he scattered them abroad Tower known as tower of Babel3 images of Tower of Babel Google art documentsIntroduction in RaceDocumentary CompanionExternal notesVerstegan A restitution of decayed Intelligence Image of men in groups armed going away from the tower after the confusion of tongues Tower wasnt built to see what heaven was like but was built to avoid suffering another flood by God Different sons of Noah went to different parts of the worldo SemAsiao ChamAfrica o JaphetEurope English men are descended of German race Called Saxons Ancient habitationCambria or Wales and also Cornwall The Welshmen and Irish call Englishmen Saxons Beginning of nations analogy of a tree Saxon ancestors not originally Germans came from somewhere else and inhabited in GermanyLineage NoahChamChusNimrod Tower of Babel built with persuasion by Nimrod one language and one nation at this time Nimrod began the first domination over people inventor of Babel Tower After the flood people first lived in mountains fear of being drownedENGC35 2 One man not bound to one woman had to replenish the worlds population after the destruction 295 children from one woman who lived till 88 Foundation of tower deep and spacious seemed more broad and large than higho More like a marvellous huge mountain than a high tower Horses cart carriages dwelling so wide God wanted to chastise his disobedient creatures for this attempt Created 72 different languages so nobody would understand one another The construction of the tower ended due to confusion never completed Ran around like manmen trying to find people like them Speaking the same language Different groups of people different languages different nations were begun Daily grew unto more alienation Account from some men 2 nations in the world good and bad menst 1 language of the worldHebrew Names of the days of the week Sunday sun day Mondaymoon day etcst Tacitus Tuifto1 father and ruler of Germans ruler god lord law makero Wanted knowledge of letters o Wanted a language to write down and remember great people and events so its never forgottenDekker Lanthorne and CandleLight Letters to worthy gentleman Mr Francis Own Nation to author to his friend to Industrious FriendMen used to not travel by sea or across lands only met his own countrymen One language throughout the world Many personifications of confusion and language throughout Origin of language initially broken monosyllable language then noble languages lent her words and phrases now is a very rich language comparable to the best Nimrods ambition to climb up so high to see what it was like in heaven Workmen got together to build the tower of Babel God Master workman of this great universe sent confusion upon the workmeno Confusion wild inconstant several colours etco One hand storms to trouble waterso Other hand whip for her 3 spirits Treason Sedition EARo Rode chariot of clouds thunder lightening wind raindivine vengeanceo Between jaws 100 thousand different tonguesReleased the many tongues nobody understood e other
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