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Michael Petit

HUMA01Final Exam Study NotesThursdayDec 8 700900 pm AC 223Week 2September 15The University Knowledge EpistemologyThe UniversityGaining knowledge from professors libraries textbooksIts a place where knowledge is madeThrough research peer reviewpublication and conversationIt is a relationship between students and facultyYou cannot have teaching without researchI am going to further the knowledge I wish to pursue in and hopefully be able to create some change in the lives of other people around meKnowledgeDefined as Information processed through a thinking human mindPlato defined knowledge as justified true beliefHow is knowledge madeoIt is produced by humansHow do we knowoThrough EpistemologyEpistemologyThe branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge Knowledge is made in two broadbased ways oEmpirical vs Speculative AnalyticCriticalEmpirical ThinkingPractical based on experienceSpeculative Thinking SpeculativetheoreticalHuman knowledge divided into two things Empirical ScienceHumanities Empirical Science is divided into two branches oNatural Sciences such as biology chemistry and physics oSocial Sciences such as anthropology economics and sociologyHumanities philosophy literature and the visual and performing artsWhat you get from HumanitiesYou learn to think critically greater understanding of the world its different groups of people their histories the way they interacttraining of the imagination Etymologythe study of word originsWeek 3September 22Representation Ideology HegemonyRepresentation TextImageSoundThe social process of making meaning by making signs stand for something1
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