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Lecture Week 2 Some of the technology that are being brought up today, are not really possible *arguments?* - University experience This is how university life is!! Conversation while reading with profpeers Information is process through the human mind, and put out to share, thus making us engaging Education is an experience Knowledge has two approaches : 1)Empirical and 2) Humanities Empirical science is divided into two branches: Natural Science (Bio, Chem) Social science (Anthro, economics, sociology) History - facts happen, it can change Empirical experience in trial Speculative to ask questions Empirical thinking Parents want child to do something useful, but child is an art student. Speculative thinking doing something useful, youre way Wisdom + Critical thinking skills Humanities Week 5 The Visual Propaganda To shapemanipulate perspective. Target audiences Is Family Guy a racist show? -yes, bc it brings racial content to be comedic, in a way promotes it. Either to promote more racial stereotypes, or make it funny, so one can see how stupid racial stereotypes are Groupon (company goal is to save money) honest, bluntly, ironic, offensive commercials
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