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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Question 1 4 points Save Please choose appropriate words from the drop down list to fill in the blanks about the following minerals and elements: Halite is a/an . Helium is a/an . Calcium is a/an . KAlSi 3 8s a/an . Question 2 6 points Save Please order the following from smallest to largest. atom atomic arrangement/crystalline structure mineral protons and neutrons nucleus rock Question 3 5 points Save Please select the one or more statements below which define a mineral. 1. naturally occurring 2. crystalline substance 3. physically distinctive 4. made up of silicate tetrahedrons 5. chemically distinctive 6. inorganic 7. must be a silicate 8. composed of small rocks Question 4 4 points Save Please match the following terms with the BEST definition below: atomic A. an electrically charged number atom atomic mass B. a ’species’ of atom, number defined by the number of protons in its nucleus www.notesolution.com isotopes C. atoms containing element different numbers of neutrons but the same atomic number of protons weight ion D. the weight of an average atom of an element, anion given in atomic mass units E. a negatively charged ion cation F. a positively charged ion G. the number of protons in each atom H. the total number of neutrons and protons in an atom Question 5 2 points Save There are approximately different minerals in the world. There are about different atoms. Question 6 2 points Save Which type of bonding is exhibited by the following?: NaCl diamond Question 7 10 points Save Please match up each of the following diagrams with their silicate structure and a sample mineral of that type This diagram A. carbonate is from the [i] B. isolated silicate C. quartz structure. D. single-chain E. framework F. muscovite A sample mineral is [j].. olivine H. double-chain I. sheet J. sulphate This diagram www.notesolution.com is from the K. halite [k] silicate L. gold structure. M brown . amphibole A sample N. MgSiO 3 mineral is [l]. This diagram is from the [m] silicate structure. A sample mineral is [n]. This diagram is from the [o] silicate structure. A sample mineral from this silicate structure is [p]. This diagram is from the [q] silicate structure. A sample mineral from this silicate structure is [r]. www.notesolution.com Question 8 1 points Save It is clear that exposure to white asbestos causes cancer among non-smoking abestos workers. Right Wron g Question 9 2 points Save It would be a very bad idea to build your house on -clay rich soil. It would be a good idea to use -clay to seal cracks around a dam. Please fill in the blank with ONLY one word. It can be singular or plural. No punctuation. No CAPITAL letters please. Spelling is YOUR responsibility. Question 10 1 points Save
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