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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

The importance of astronomical variables in changing Earths climate was first realized by Louis Agassiz True False 16 18 Snow contains more of the lighter isotope of oxygen (0 ) compared to O . True False The study of paleoclimatology started with the discovery of a woolly mammoth found in permafrost. True False The Toronto area contains a world famous record of past ice age and interglacial climates. True False The present day climate system of the planet began about 50 million years ago. True False The Laurentian Ice Sheet is the name given the ice mass that formed over Canada during the last ice age. www.notesolution.com True False Coal requires a hot dry climate to form. True False Astronomical variables have operated since the beginnings of the planet but are very weak influences on climate. True False Our interglacial started 10,000 years ago. True False The movement of continents creates short-term changes in climate True False What term refers to large pieces of ice breaking off the front of a coastal glacier to form icebergs? Ablation. www.notesolution.com
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