Quiz 8 part 2

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Question 1 0.5 points Save The best known oil shale deposit in North America is in the Green River Formation. True False Question 2 0.5 points Save The word anthracite means soft coal. True False Question 3 0.5 points Save The distribution of kimberlite pipes in North America forms a random pattern. True False Question 4 0.5 points Save A resource is any geologic material that has yet to be discovered. True False Question 5 1 points Save _____________ is the initial stage in the development of coal. bituminous peat anthracite lignite sub- bituminous Question 6 0.5 points Save A placer deposit is usually formed by the action of water. True False Question 7 0.5 points Save Gossans are associated with supergene deposits found on the deep ocean floor. True False www.notesolution.comQuestion 8 0.5 points Save Aluminum mines extract ores from underground shafts. True False Question 9 0.5 points Save The oil window is open at depths shallower than 2300 m. True False Question 10 0.5 points Save Humans are extracting non-renewable resources faster than which they are being formed. True False Question 11 0.5 points Save The major coal-producing region of Canada is in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. True False Question 12 0.5 points Save The major coal-producing region of the US is in the Appalachians. True False Question 13 2.5 points Save Please match the following images with the trap type that is shown in each. A. Anticline, stratigraphic trap B. Sandstone lenses, stratigraphic trap C. Fault, stratigraphic trap D. None of the answers are correct. E. Unconformity, stratigraphic trap F. Anticline, structural trap G. Reef, stratigraphic trap H. Sandstone lenses, stratigraphic trap www.notesolution.com
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