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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Question 1 2 points Save Examine this figure. Please order the following components from oldest to youngest. diapir faulting folding sedimentary layers Question 2 5 points Save Please correctly match the following statements about the geologic principles with either TRUE or FALSE. The principle a.TRU of original E horizontality b.FALS states that E within a sequence of sedimentary rocks the layers get younger from bottom to top. The principle of lateral continuity states that an original sedimentary layer extends laterally until it tapers or things at its edges. The principle of superposition states that fossil species succeed one another through sedimentary www.notesolution.comwww.notesolution.comrock layers in a predictable order. The principle of superposition states that within a sequence of undisturbed sedimentary rocks the layers get younger going from bottom to top. The principle of cross cutting relationships states that a disrupted pattern is older than the cause of the disruption. Question 3 3 points Save Please match the following images with the terms below that best describe them. A.Reverse fault B.Normal fault C.Strike slip fault D.This is not a fault Question 4 1 points Save A rock that behaves in a [e] manner will bend under stress and does not return to its original shape. a.brittle b.plastic www.notesolution.comwww.notesolution.com
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