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Environmental Science
Lisa Tutty

Lecture 03 Notes Plant earth  Plate tectonic forces give rise to the formation of the crust, affect continual positions and produce changes in global topography  intra plate is the middle of the plate  if it wasn't for plate tectonics the world would be under water  Is a continent the same as a tectonic plate ?  Yes it is but the its located near that area however the plate is bigger than its continent  Convergent - is two plates that come together  Divergent - is making new magma that comes up and new oceanic rocks are made  Transform - grinding pass each other  Crust types two : ( continental and oceanic ) plates interact in four ways  1. Divergent plate boundaries ( mid- ocean ridges, continental rifts )  2, oceanic crust converging with oceanic or continental ( subduction )  3. continental crust converging with continental ( obduction )  4. both types sliding past each other ( transform' boundaries )  all these can happen when two continents rip apart and if two continents come together to make a mountain  Oceanic crust can only get recycled because it heavier than the other one  Divergent setting - is when first the heat builds up under it and which makes the crust gets weak and then breaks to open up so it goes open / which makes volcanoes because of it  What's the difference between the sea and ocean ?  a ocean has the MOR spreading an
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