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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 Quiz 1 Page 1UserCelia Duong Submitted12711 712 PM NameQuiz1Lec1and2Ch1through4 StatusCompleted Score32 out of 35 points Time Elapsed48 minutes and 6 seconds out of 1 hour Question 1 The movements of the continents can be figured out in real time usingCorrect AnswerGPSQuestion 2 Please examine this figureWhich of the following statements about this figure is FALSECorrect Answercthis convergent boundary shows two oceanic plates coming togetherQuestion 3 Wegener suggested that the continents move about by plowing through the seafloorThis mechanism was accepted by most scientists until later when Tuzo Wilson suggested plate tectonics Correct AnswerDisagreeQuestion 4 Looking for oil and gas is primarily the job of an exploration and mining geoscientist Correct AnswerFalseQuestion 5 Seismic P waves travel faster inCorrect AnswerbMantleQuestion 6 What does differentiation mean Correct Answerc the heavier materials making up planet Earth sunk toward the centre of the planet to form the core intermediate density materials formed the mantle and light materials formed the crustQuestion 7 Liquefaction isCorrect Answerbwhen a water saturated soil or sediment turns into a liquid often due to earthquake shaking Question 8 Correct AnswerPLEASE USE THE DROP DOWN MENU arrowheadPrimary wavesare body waves that vibrate parallel to the direction of wave propagationSecondary wavesare body waves that have particles vibrating perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation
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