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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06H3Submitted To Dr Nick Eyles Submitted By StudentDue Date Friday February 27 2009Determining Earthquake Probability and Recurrence from Past Seismic Events Canada Vancouver Island area SW BC1Introduction For this assignment our main focus of earthquakes will be based on the Vancouver Island Area SW BC We are asked to calculate and compute the average number of earthquakes found with magnitudes from 20 to 49 for different year ranges starting from 1984 to 2008 We are also asked to research through given sources for historic information on the number of earthquakes from 1600s In the end we conclude this assignment with a graph representing our collected data and a final interpertation The following is the given information related to the location of our research point Vancouver Island area SW BCTop latitude is 52 Left longitude 129 Bottom latitude 47 Right longitude 121Part I Exercise questions 19Based on the information given above and with the aid of the USGS our results to search for the number of Earthquakes between different years and magnitudes are recorded below Chart 1 The following chart displays a two year period data on the number of Earthquakes thathave the magnitudes from 20 to 29 Twoyear periodNumber of M 2029 Earthquakes19992000232001200218200320041820052006122007200829Total for 10year period100Chart 2 The following chart displays a three year perioddata on the number of Earthquakes thathave the magnitudes from 30 to 39 Threeyear periodNumber of M 3039 Earthquakes19941996531997199945862000200220032005562006200829Total in 15year period269Chart 3 The following chart displays a five year period data on the number of Earthquakes that have the magnitudes from 40 to 49 Fiveyear periodNumber of M 4049 Earthquakes19841988261989199333199419983519992003452004200869Total in 25year period2082
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