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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Question 1 3 points Save Remember PLEASE DO NOT ADD ANY EXTRA WORDS OR PUNCTUATION EACH BLANK REQUIRES ONLY ONE WORDPLEASE BE CAREFUL TO SPELL EACH WORD PROPERLYPLEASE USE ONLY SMALLER CASE eg lower case LETTERS NO CAPITALS PLEASE For example desk is correctDESK is wrong The desk is wrong deskis wrong You may use the singular or the plural eg both desk and desks will work Please note I will NOT be marking this question by hand so pay attention to the directions Correct spelling is YOUR responsibilitydetect seismic waves by measuring ground motion Machines which record these measurements are called and the paper or digital records themselves are calledQuestion 1 answersQuestion 2 text Question 2 4 points SaveThe IndonesiaSumatra earthquake and tsunami of December 26th 2004 was of magnitude It had a relatively in the open ocean but was amplified in shallow coastal waters devastating low lying coastal communitiesInundation distance ranged from 250 m to more than metres in Sri LankaQuestion 2 answersQuestion 3 text Question 3 3 points SaveMost earthquakes in Canada occur along the The Canadian city at highest risk for earthquakes is Earthquakes in the OttawaSt Lawrence Rift areas are associated with Question 3 answersQuestion 4 text Question 4 1 points SaveBuildings which are haveare the most resistant to seismic shakingQuestion 4 answers1 strong flexible and light building materials2 taller buildings
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