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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

05 points Save Drainage basins are bowlshaped depressions with a lake in the middle and all streams in the basin discharge their water and sediment into that lake TrueFalse 05 points Save Reduced volumes of sea ice may increase the amount of coastal erosion in parts of Canada TrueFalseA 100year flood has apercent chance of occurring in any given yeara100 b01 c001 d10 e1 fcant tell without more information05 points Save Barrier islands are associated with an erosional coastline TrueFalseThe discharge of a stream is the volume of water that passes a given point in unit of time for example 50 cubic metres per second TrueFalseStream gradient is the only factor that controls stream velocity TrueFalsePlease correctly match the following sentences and terms Ais a bar of sediment that abeach face connects a former island to the btombolo mainland cgroinscarry finegrained sediments dspit out of the surf zone into deeper efjords water fwave refractionis the movement of sand glongshore drift
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