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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Question 1 1 points Save Most hydrothermal ores are metallicsulfates native elementssulfides carbonates oxides Question 2 05 points Save The oil window extends to depths of at least 6 kmTrueFalseQuestion 3 05 points Save Gossans are associated with supergene deposits found on the deep ocean floorTrueFalseQuestion 4 05 points Save Aluminum ore is the product of direct chemical precipitation from seawaterTrueFalseQuestion 5 05 points Save Canada has a wealth of oil at depth on the Canadian ShieldTrueFalseQuestion 6 05 points Save Nutrientrich coastal water is the essential precondition for the formation of oil and gasTrueFalseQuestion 7 05 points Save A set of conditions to hold petroleum in a reservoir rock and prevent its escape is called a trapTrueFalseQuestion 8 05 points Save Nickel couldnt be isolated from copper until 1751TrueFalseQuestion 9 05 points Save The distribution of kimberlite pipes in North America forms a random patternTrueFalseQuestion 10 05 points Save Natural gas requires different conditions for accumulation than does oilTrueFalseQuestion 11 05 points Save On the whole technological breakthroughs or price increases necessarily result in an increase in a countrys resourcesTrueFalseQuestion 12 05 points Save Is peat a coal typeYesNoQuestion 13 05 points Save Salt domes account for most of the petroleum reserves in the Gulf of MexicoTrueFalseQuestion 14 05 points Save Humans are extracting nonrenewable resources faster than which they are being formedTrueFalse
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