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EESA06 Quiz 8 Page 1 User Celia Duong Submitted 3/31/11 7:22 PM Name Quiz 8 (on Lecture 9 material) Status Completed Score 31 out of 35 points Time Elapsed 24 minutes, and 48 seconds out of 1 hour Question 1 Until 1 Ma, the average length of ice ages was about 100,000 years. Correct Answer: False Question 2 The vernal (spring) equinox occurred on March 20th this year. The spring equinox has always occurred on this date. Correct Answer: False Question 3 In the last 3 million years there have been about 30 major ice ages and interglacials. Correct Answer: False Question 4 Hydrolysis produces carbon dioxide. Correct Answer: False Question 5 The top of Mount Everest is made of the same 440 million years old limestone found along the Niagara Escarpment. Correct Answer: True Question 6 The last interglacial is called the Sangamon. Correct Answer: True Question 7 The Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny is a site of active subduction. Correct Answer: False Question 8 ________ are fine grained sediments scraped off the oceanic crust as it subducts under continental crust. Correct Answer: accretionary wedges Question 9 Active collision of India with Asia began ___ years ago. Correct Answer: a. 20 million EESA06 Quiz 8 Page 2 Question 10 Which one is correct? Correct Answer: Foraminifera Question 11 Ophiolites are a common component in obduction zones. Correct Answer: True Question 12 During an ice age there is a lower ratio of 18O:16O (relatively less 18O) in the oceans. Correct Answer: False Question 13 The 'tilt' of the Earth's axis refers to the angle of the Earth's axis relative to the plane of the Earth's orbit. Correct Answer: True Question 14 O18 preferentially evaporates (ie. it evaporates more easily than does O16). Correct Answer: False Question 15 Hydrolysis refers to the process whereby feldspar minerals are weathered. Correct Answer: True Question 16 There are many volcanoes along the Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny. Correct Answer: Fals
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