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Environmental Science
Tanzina Mohsin

EESA09H3 WINDFinal examInstructor Tanzina MohsinTAs Shannon Allen Joyce ZhangDate Friday December 12 2008Time 25 pm Maximum time allotted3 hoursPages12 Preamble The exam consists of 5 partsThe first section whos who is worth 5 marks The second section true or false is worth 14 marks The third section consists of 8 definitions for a total of 16 marks The fourth section consists of six short answer questions worth five marks each for 30 marks In final section there are two concept maps worth 5 marks each for 10 marks There are a total of 75 marks Please gauge your time accordingly Part 1 Whos Who Write the names in the middle column with associated concepts on the right 1 mark eachFitzRoy Thermometers Contaminants in SnowBeaufortWind scale Arctic Haze ShawArctic Haze Anemometers Lind Anemometers Thermometers MeyerContaminants in Snow Wind Scale Part 2 True or False Place a T or F in the blank provided 14 marks1Mach Scale is a 12 point qualitative wind scale F 2 Surface conditions are not the dominant mechanism for midlatitude cyclone formationT3 Boreas is a chilly north windT4Urban areas have higher albedo and so more energy is absorbed F 5 Greenhouse gases trap heat by preventing hot air from escaping T 6 Hurricanes produce the strongest winds on earthF 7 Microbursts are part of downdrafts of supercell thunderstormsT8 The Gaia Hypothesis states that climate controls biota Fo9 The speed of sound at sea level at 15C is 344 msF 10 The tendency of air to flow from low to high pressure is the pressure gradient forceF11 Wania and Mackay discovered the ozone hole in 1974 F12 The DobsonBrewer circulation is a three cell circulation theory of the stratosphere T13The Montral Protocol is an agreement to reduce CO emissions F 2 14 Torricelli invented the thermometer in 1643 F
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