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Environmental Science
Tanzina Mohsin

EESA09H3 WINDMidterm summer 2011Part 1 Whos Who Write the names in the middle column with associated concepts on the right 1 mark eachW Ferrel Great Lake Storms Angel and Isard Kalkstein and Hail D Etkin and E Brun Sheridan Angel and Isard Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger D Etkin and E Global circulation W Ferrel Brun Sebastian JungerAir Masses Kalkstein and Sheridan Part 2 True or False Indicate T or F in the spaces provided 1 mark each1 Hail is sometimes formed in cumulonimbus True clouds 2 All lightning begins at the cloud base and travels False to the surface 3 Thunderstorms sometimes cause dust storms True 4 Wind speed is measured using an anemometer True 5 Tornadoes rank the second costliest natural False disaster in Canada 6 The NAO controls North Atlantic SSTs False 7 Firestorms only occur in dry areas False 8 The southeast Pacific is too cold for hurricanes True to develop 9 The Earths atmosphere is mostly oxygen False 10 The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was sunk by the False Perfect Storm
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