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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Chris Bovaird

their watersolubilitv. "tttLurufgantc substances infatand increases A. True B. tralse 4. 'Azne layer is ithe: Stratosphere B. Troposphere c' The closest atmosphere rayertoEarth'ssurf-ace D. A and C" E. None of theabove a vears of age,isfrequentlY ' 23.Diarrhea,oneofthe,,,ou"hCthtclackoftlramongchildrenunder5 r^'". lt poor J;i;tit" F.?,onutcleansingProducts B. Health care suPPIY C.Food water D.Safe drinking E.All ofthe above , 24.Whatisnottrueforthestochastichealtheffects?|.\;.1-;. 1 .i. ;:"#iill'q *"1::,'1ar'ever ux;ru;i"JFTJ theseeffectsore severe ' C.lncrtu" l"uttsof"*po'u'i;"k" ',''DHave teratogenicffect None ofthe above E. 44. chemicals that unintentionarlyinterferewith in the animals as and humans areknown A. Hormone functionendocrine disruptors B. Hormonefunction; body burdens C. Enzyme function;endocrine disruptors D. Reproductive organdysfunction; endocrinedisruptors E. Reproductive organ dysfunction;bodyburdens 45' Chemicalbody burdens arequantity of chemicalsaccumulatedin the body. 13. True B. False 66. Which of thefotlowing isnon-hazardous form ofmercury? A. Mercuric mercury metallicmercury B. Volatilized C. Mercurous mercury D. OrganicmethYl mercury 8,. Allofthe above arehazatdous speaking, concentration ofheavy metars in plantsgrown on contaminated soilis the 67. Generally highestinrvhich PlantPart: ,A.rRoots B. Leafs C. Grain Stem D. E. Branches D. Automobile;London, England; Coal; Donora,Pennsylvania. f,'. called 77.Sources of contaminants that cannot be definedby discretepipes orother devices are - Organic sources Point sources 78' Seven peopledied and 2,300becameill with: after Walkerton'swater supply became contaminated A. DDT B. Dioxins C. Giardialamblia D. Manure spreadon a farm nearthetown E. Salmonellasp. 79.Dioxin isendocrine disruptorwhile DDT is chemicatbody A. True burden. B. False 80'Radonis human madegasthat emitsalpha particleinto the lakes. surfacewater suchasrivers and A. True B. False 56. The leasttoxicclass(esof metalsis(are): A. Class A B. ClassB C. Borderline D. BandC E. AandB 57' Every microwave ovenmust have a labelstatingthat it meetthe safetstandard. A. True B. False "mad 33.How isthephrase asa hatter"relatedto mercury exposure? A. Mercury harms theperipheralnervoussystem soa hatter'sands wereeffected B. Mercury harurstlieucrrtlaleivousystem.Itwasused tosoftenthefelt inats. "mad arsenicot to mercury C. The phrase"mad asa hatter"srelatedto D. The phrase asa hatter"srelatedtochromium not tomercury E. AandB 34.Major source ofsulphur oxides in thetmosphere is: A. Agriculturen organicsoils,ikedrainedwetlands l.ETheburning offossilucls,liliccoalndoil Pinatubo C.Emissions from volcanoeslikeMount D. Theburning ofTropicalRainforests E. An increasedfrequencyof forestiresin Southernrance 13.Ozone is formedby the reactionof: A. UV radiationandsmog B. UV radiationandCOz C. UV radiationand02 D.; VOC and NOx E:. Acidrainand 02 14.Major source ofcontamination to humans byDioxins is: A., Air Food ,B. C. Water D. Soil E. Allofthe above levelof DDT increased in the tissuesofvarious organisms as 73. The picture below shows how the DDT moved through thefood chain from producersto consumers. This is an example of: A*{OI.JNTF LfVfLIN DOT INTI55UE FOOD CHAIN i.,'-,', S,ecanclary conSumef (Atlantneed,lefii Secondary $.f,8prt con5:umer iAmericaneeli 1,510,o00 lncreage Frim*ry 0.l6pprn cc)n3g r {shrimpl Proclucr:r primaryongumer laiqaendotherplanktoni 0.04ppm 0.OOO05pprtr Wster Biomagnification $, B. Bioaccumulation C.Persistence D.Mobility of persistentoxicants E. Allofthe above ?4.Arsenic has tendency toaccumulate in nails,skin and hair. e True B. False dioxide ozoneand oxides ofnitrogen, known as are T5.Incontrast to sulphur ) products produced not somuch by heavy industry as by the actionof on the waste ofthe A, Photochemical oxidants;sunlight;externalcombustion; \\,. B. Volatileorganic compounds (VOCs); sunlight;nternalcombustion; Vnonchemical oxidants;sunlight;internalombustion; "/. (VOCs); sunlight;xternal combustion; D. V olutilerganic compounds /. Yttotochemical oxidants;Iightening;internalombustiol. nonworkplace air pollutionand respiratory disease 76.Recognition ofthe relationship between dates back to thefirstuse of nations of Europe and North America, whole communities were engulfed in air pollution. The in worst episode occurred .4.Automobile; Belgium; B. Oit;Donora, Pennsl'lvenie; London, England; C. Coal; D. Automobile; London, England; ,8. Coal; Donora, PennsYlvania. pipes or other devices are called 77.Sources ofcontaminants that cannot be defined by discrete Organic sources ,4. B. Pointsources C. Inorganicsources (copper, 68.All threeheavymetalsincluded inCCA chromium, arsenic)wood preservativeare carcinogens. A. True BrFalse 69.Microwave oven is not recommended for reheatingbaby formula evenif microwave safe bottles areused. Why? A. Radiationin theilk cancausebraindamage inyoung children B. Bottlecanmelt C.Bottlecanadsorbhigh levelofradiation (D_,M/ ilks heatedunevenly E,.All of theabove 70.This ischemical formula of: Cl 'r:l A. DDT B. TCDD C.PCB D. DDD E. DDE 71.Which of thefollowing common bacteriacan causehuman disease, usuallythrough food orwater? contaminated A.Poliomyelitis B.Escherichi'c.Coli C.Ancylostoru.iasi,s D. Schisrosomiasis E. Encephalitis T2.Mercury isa substancethat is extremelystableand may take many years to breakdown into a lesstoxicorm. This isan cxamplc of: .A.Biomagnification B. Bioaccumulation C.Persistence D. Mobilityofpersistentoxicants , 8. All ofheabove 58.Generallyspeaking,concentration of toxicorm of iron is higheinpoorly aerated pond than in well aeratedwater stream. A. True B. False 59.The major route(s)ofmetal exposure is(are): A. Inhalation B. Ingestion C. AandB D. Throughtheskin E . A , B a n d D 60.Heavymetalstend to accumulatein which organ(s): A. Liver B. Bones C. Kidney .D. Allof theabove E. Noneof theabove 61.What is not true for the woodpreservatives? A. Theyare pesticides B. Chemicals thatprotectwoodfrom decay C. May containarsenic,copper and chromium D. Prolongagein serviceof theood rt!,' They arealwayscompletelyfix into thewood 62. Cellphones emit radio-frequency waveswhich energy isgreatenoughto causeionisationof atomsand molecule. A. True -B. False 63.Organic form of arsenicis(has): A. More toxictheninorganic B. The same toxicityasinorganicform C_nLesstoxicthen inorganicform D. Not toxicatall E. There is noenough evidence 64. Copper is not very toxic tomans but it is vertoxicto: A. Plants B. Small mammals '_C. Soilorganisms D) Aquaticlife E. Birds (are) 65.Some playgrounds arebuiltfrom the preservativetreatedwood.What is theroute(s) through which children who play on such playgrounds may intake arsenic? A. Inhalationof soil B. Trough theskincontact C. Rubof on hands D. Ingestionof soil '..PAll of theabove form of mercury? 66.Which of thefollowingis non-hazardous A. Mercuric mercury B. Volatilizedmetallicercury C. Mercurous mercury methyl mercury D. Organic E. All oftheabove are hazardous 67. Generally speaking,concentration ofheavy metalsin plantsgrown on contaminated soilis the 35.What percentage of the Earth's surfaceis coveredby liquwater? A. 557o B. 1I7o C. 407o D. 857o E. 257o 36.What is the hydrologicalpoverty? A. Low incometamilyhouseholds in dryclimates B. Low amount ofprecipitatioin aridareas C. Lackof access to safewaterresources D. All of theabove E'. Noneof theabove 37.Ground water often doesnot needanv treatment. * "A. . 'B;' True False "t 38.Natural sourcesof radiationaccountfbr aboutS2Voof all public exposures. A. True B. False 39.Radionuclidesin a drinking water mostly result in damageof in thehuman body. A. DNA {. Brain C. Liver D., Kidney E. Musculature 40.A chemicalcompound in the environment canbea contaminant and not to bea pollutant. ,'A. Taua B. False 41.Nitrogeniso'sheparticularconcernwhenitisintheformof-becauseitinhibitsthe_ ability to transfoxygen;this iscalled_r A. Nitratelungcell;mesothelioma; B. Nitrite;lungcell;anaemia; ':,,_qi 1 Nitrite;haemoglobin m;ethemoglobinemia; D. Nitrate;haemoglobinm ; cthemogl
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