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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

cNitrogen oxides NOdSulphur oxides SOeVolatile Organic CompoundsVOC fLeadSecondary air pollutantGround level OzoneParticulate matter PM 10 and PM 25Particles found in the air dust soot smoke and liquid dropletsBig and smallVehicles factories construction sites tilledfields stone crashing burningSome formed in the airSerious health effectsCarbon MonoxideaOdourless colourless gasbIncomplete burning of carbon containingfuelscHeaters woodstoves gas stoves fireplaces water heaters automobile exhaust tobacco smoked1 000 people die each year in USA as result of CO poisoningeSometimes confused with flu or food poisoningfFetuses infants elderly and people with heart and respiratory illnesses are at high risk for adverse health effectsHealth effect of COInterferes with the delivery of oxygen in the blood to the rest of the bodyWorsen cardiovascular conditionsFatigueHeadacheWeaknessConfusionDisorientation loss of coordinationNausea Dizziness DeathPrevention of CONever leave a car engine running in a shed or garage or in any enclosed spaceProper selection installation and maintenance of appliancesCorrect useGood ventilationUse CO detectorsNitrogen oxides NoxaForm in any type of combustion processbInvolve in formation of ground level ozone
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