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Environmental Science
Stephanie Perpick

Human Health and the Environment1 Which one is known as an environmental diseasea Cancerb Minamata diseasec ItaiItai byod cancer of scrotum in chimney sweeperse All of the above2 Which statement about metalinduced diseases is not truea they are mainly occupational health diseasesb they result mostly from chronic exposurec they are diseases affecting the respiratory system onlyd they bioconcentrate but do not bioaccumulatee c and d 3 Which is not a risk arising from the ozone layer depletiona damaged plantsb teratogenic effectsc cataractsd immunodepresionenone of the above4 A chemical compound can be in the environment as a contaminant and not be a pollutantaTruebFalsecNeed more information5 Many organic pollutants are contained in commercial pesticidesaTruebFalsecNeed more information6 Cadmium is a radioactive toxic metal that is present in the human environment because of industrial activitiesaTruebFalsecNeed more informationAerosols and mist are a form of gaseous pollutantsaTruebFalsec Need more informationWhich of the following statements is not true about smogasmog is derived from smoke and fogbHigh concentration during temperature inversioncIt subsides quicklydIt is a mixture of gaseous and particulate matter9 andare two health effects resulting from exposure to air pollutiona Irritation of the eyes irritation of the respiratory tract acuteb Irritation of the eyes asthma acute
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