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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Lecture 1The environment is everything that affects a living organismThese can includeair water soil and man made environmentChemical hazardschemicals in the air water soil and foodBiological hazardsbacteria viruses allergens etc Culturalunsafe working conditions poor dietPhysicalradiation fire tornado earthquake etcVideo on everyday carcinogens by Dr Sandra Steingraberher view was that pollutant in the air actually cause cancer refer to the document calledVideoLecture 2AirLondon Smog1952second study was Indonesian Fires 1997Two types of pollutionoutdoor and indoorOutdoor primary air pollutantscarbon mono and dioxides sulphur dioxide nitrogen monoxide and dioxide also most hydrocarbons and particulates secondary pollutant nitric and nitrous acids sulfates sulphuric acids hydrogen peroxide ozone PANsNO3 and SO4Effects includetoxic poisoning cancer birth defects eye irritation irritation of the respiratory system susceptibility to heart disease aggravation of chronic diseases such as asthma and emphysemaPrimary air pollutant particulate matter carbon monoxide nitrogen oxides sulphur oxides VOCvolatile organic compounds and leadSecondary general ground ozoneParticulate matter found in airdust soot smoke and liquid droplets serious health effects from vehicles factories construction sites tilled fields stone crashing and burningCarbon monoxide odourless colourless gas heaters woodstoves gas stoves1000 people die each year confused with flu or food poisoningeffectsfetuses infants elderly and people with heart and respiratory illnesses are at high risk for adverse health effects health effects of carbon monoxide includeinterferes with the delivery of oxygen in the blood to the rest of the body fatigue headache weakness confusion disorientation loss of coordinationnausea dizziness and death to prevent good ventilation and use of CO detectorsNitrogen oxidesform in any type of combustion process contribute to acid rain transported over long distancesSulphur burning of coal and oil extraction of metals from ore dissolve in water vapour to form acids respiratory illnesses aggravates existing heart and lung diseaseVOC variety of organic compounds used as a solvent in industry automobiles Hydrocarbons methane butane propane some produce photochemical smogLead metal leaded gasoline effects young children particularly deposits in soil and water children can accidentally eat soilOzone VOCNOxHeat SunlightOzone summer time pollutant good in the stratosphere bad on the ground lung damage shortness of breath chest tightness coughing and nausea effects most people who exercise outdoorSmog smoke and fogtwo typesphotochemical LA of smog or brown air sulphurousLondon type of smog or industrial smogINDOOR contains 25 times higher concentration of hazardous pollutants than outdoor air effectschildren pregnant woman elderly people with chronic illness sourcesbuildings and furnishing asbestos insulation wet or damp carpet pressed wood furniture cleaning products and air products pesticides cooking bathing heating radon smoking outdoor pollution health effects hard to detect with senses headaches tiredness dizziness nausea itchy nose scratchy throat caner asthma common indoor air pollutants asbestos Formaldehyde mould and moisture secondhand smoke radon gas and air dustAsbestos group of 6 different fibrous minerals long strong heat resistant fibers used inbuilding materials roofing shingles ceilings and floor tiles paper products and asbestos cement products heat resistant fabrics does not evaporate into the air or dissolve in water and do not break down carried through long distance not able to move through soil exposure people working in some industries people living near these industries during demolition from drinking water health effects affects the lungs and themembrane surrounding them asbestosisscar like tissue difficulty breathingoften cough heart enlargement lead to disability and death increase of certain cancerlung stomach esophagus pancreas kidney low levels can be measured in urine face and mucusFormaldehyde VOC naturally occurring gas colourless strongsmell Becomes gas at normal room temp from flue or adhesives in pressed wood preservatives in some paints and cosmetics coatings finish on paper products certain insulation materials health effects watery eyes burning sesation in eyes nose throat nausea coughing chest tightness asthmatic reactions skin rashes allergic reactions cancerMould and moisture need moisturefound in bathrooms kitchens gym areas locker rooms leaky roofs damp basements often undiscovered produce tiny spores discolouration control humidity30 60health effects source of indoor allergens trigger asthma produce toxins produce irritants Secondhand smoke eye nose and throat irritation affects the cardiovascular system high risk of asthma pneumonia ear infection bronchitis in childrenRadon colourless odourless and tasteless naturally occurring radioactive decay of uranium dissolves in ground water in construction blocksAir dust dust particles pollen or other debris duct cleaning service providersLecture 3 Water71 of the earths surface is covered with water most of which is salt water moderates the climate and helps removing and diluting waste and pollutantsLake sand rivers are shrinkingIn Canada10 Drinking 35 showering 30 flushing 20laundry5 cleaning average water use1 out of every six people do not have regular access to clean water diarrhea kills over 2 million children annuallyDrinking water surfacein urban areas mostly from rivers lakes and reservoirs ground water in rural areas or wells many contaminants in drinking water
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