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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Human Health and the Environment Lecture 1: Welcome to Human Health and the Environment EESA10H3 Intranet Outline Suggested readings LECTURE NOTES ASSIGNMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS Midterm results And all other information Introduction My name: Dr. Silvija Stefanovic Office: SW-410 Lecture: Wednesday 79 PM, AC-223 Email: [email protected] Office hours: Wednesday 4-6 PM Professors Tips Attending the lectures and reading are important There will be nothing more on the exam that the professor at least mentions in class Read at least the textbook in order to think and answer a tricky question The more you read the better equipped will find your way to solve a problem (easier and faster) Grading Assignments (2) 20% Mid-Term Examination 30% Final Examination 50% Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions (5 choices from A to E) True and False Questions (T or F) All exams will be done on a Scranton Sheet The midterm exam will most likely be held after the reading week. The final exam is cumulative. TA Office SW- 507A Wing-Shun Wu: Office Hours on Friday 12PM-2PM ASSIGNMENTS SUBMITTED LATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. EXTENSION WILL BE GRANTED ONLY WITH A MEDICAL NOTE. Life Support EESA10H3 S www.notesolution.com
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