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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Test 3 EES C31 Glacial 1. What does ‘varved sedimentation’ refer to? Where does it typically occur? Varved sedimentation is any sediment that deposited seasonally, and it is typically occur in glacial lake. 2. What is a chironomid and how are they useful in paleoecological studies? Chironomid is a kind of wingless fly which live in aquatic environment, and it is a paleotemperature indicator (subarctic). 3. What is a kettle hole and how do they form? Kettle is a big hole on the ground which caused by melting of an ice block within sediment, and sediment wall collapse toward inside. 4. What is a turbidity current? A turbidity current is a rapid fluid which contains lots of suspending particles moving downslope under water, and it is important for transporting sediment into deep water body. 5. What does the term ‘turbid’ refer to? It describes dirty water body with cloudiness caused by suspending particles. 6. How does chaotic hummocky moraine typically form? It is the result of the downwasting of ice which may be stagnate or active. 7. What is a kame? A kame is an irregularly shaped hill or mound which made by sand, gravel and till, and it is resulting from deposition by glacial meltwater. It can be any shape. 8. Kame moraine? It is a hybrid of kame and moraine, something made of sands and gravel from on a landscape of moraine ridge. 9. What is a Heinrich event? Abrupt global cooling effects resulting from drainage of glacial lake (icebergs broke off from glaciers and traveled through North Atlantic) at the end of the last glaciation and disrupting ocean circulation. 10. How does a flute form? It is a long ridges on the g
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