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MGTB05 Balance Sheet Template

Financial Accounting
Course Code
Liang Chen

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<Name of Company>
Balance Sheet
(as at) <date>
Current assets
Cash and cash equivalents $ XXX
Accounts receivable XXX
Merchandise inventory XXX
Income tax receivables XXX
Prepaid expenses XXX
Total current assets $ XXX
Long-term investments
Equity investment $ XXX
Debt investment XXX
Total long-term investments XXX
Property, plant, and equipment
Land $ XXX
Buildings $ XXX
Less: Accumulated depreciation (XXX) XXX
Equipment $ XXX
Less: Accumulated depreciation (XXX) XXX
Total property, plant, and equipment XXX
Intangible Assets
Goodwill XXX
Total assets $ XXX
Liabilities and Shareholders[ Equity
Current liabilities
Accounts payable $ XXX
Notes payable XXX
Salaries payable XXX
Unearned revenue XXX
Interest payable XXX
Current portion of mortgage payable XXX
Total current liabilities $ XXX
Long-term liabilities
Mortgage payable $ XXX
Notes payable XXX
Total long-term liabilities XXX
Total liabilities XXX
Shareholders[ equity
Common shares $ XXX
Retained earnings XXX
Total shareholders[ equity XXX
Total liabilities and shareholders[ equity $ XXX
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