Ch. 7 Enterprise Infrastructure

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Financial Accounting
Bill Mc Conkey

MGTC11 Wk 8 March 8, 2011 Ch. 7 Enterprise Infrastructure Introduction Service-oriented architecture (SOA): software architecture perspective focus on development, use , and reuse of small self-contained blocks of codeto meet all application software needs of organization - use established building blocks - new applications built on past solutions - high-level holistic approach SOA philosophy: Lean agile organization using resources efficiently and effectively React quickly to chgs in mkt, competition, and customer demographics Adapt to new advances in tech Transform processesto match dynamic workforce - bound by few constraints - capitalize on new competitive advantage Customers - provide multichannel service delivery options - customizable products and services - customers able to plug-and-play into communications channel of organization - consistent high quality interaction - customers plug in desires and wants; organization respond with tailored offerings to delight - system does the work End-Users - fully integrated ERP system that meets application software and information need of employee - access regardless where they are - ERP support transparent inoperability across multiple vendors, and within ERP modules
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