Levers of Control for Implementing Strategy - Ch. 14

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Financial Accounting
Prof.Jan Klakurka

MGTD54 Week 11 March 31, 2011 Ch.14 Levers of Control for Implementing Strategy Levers of control: performance measurement and control system tools available to mngrs to work on achieving profit goals and strategies Levers of Control - control of business strategy achieved by integrating four levers of beliefs systems, boundary systems, diagnostic control systems, interactive control systems - dynamic tension bw opportunistic innovation and predictable goal achievement Using Levers of Control to Guide Strategy - strategy is plan, pattern of actions, product-market position, unique perspective Intended strategies: plans managers attempt to implement in specific product market based on analysis of competitive dynamics and current capabilities - plans managers want to achieve Emergent strategies: emerge spontaneously as employee respond to unpredictable threats and opportunities through experimentation and trial and error Realized strategies: outcome of both streams combined, what actually happened Diagnostic control systems - Transform intended strategies into realized strategies - Relates to strategy as a plan - Measure outcomes against preset profit plans and performance goals - Monitor for unanticipated roadblocks or insufficient resources - Watch for inappropriate goal setting Interactive control systems - Tools to influence experimentation and opportunity-seeking, resulting in emerging strategies - Consistency and guide create search processes - Relates to strategy as patterns of action www.notesolution.com
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