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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Week 3
Origins of civilization
The term civilization: cities, division of labour, and administration
Archaeological evidence about sophisticated cities
The glory of mauryan India
Pataliputra (capital) and its grandeur
State enterprises and institutions; prosperity and wealth
Maritime trade to southeast Asia extensive transport networks
Impact on Greek philosophy and science
The Guptas dynasty and the empire of harsha
The gupta dynasty as Pataliputra
Chinese accounts (Fa Xian in the early 400s)
The collapse of the guptas
Invasion by the white Huns; Indian contact with the west; chaos and regionalization,
the rise of harsha (Xuan Zangs account)
The Indian Heritage
Regionalization and cultural diversity
Indias similarities with Europe
Respect for learning and education, the study of the Vedas- males
Scientific medical contributions to Europe and elsewhere
oMathematics; algebra, numeration (0-9), negative/positive, square/cube roots,
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