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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Tutorial 9
Ming Dynasty
-Yuan/Mongol dynasty precedes Ming dynasty
-Fantastic military leaders, but poor on administrations
-Not a long lived dynasty
-Zhu Yuanzhang (Hongwu Emperor) (Great military power) founded Ming dynasty
oPenny pincher
oBad tempered
oPublic punishment for officials
oLegalism – belief in the rule of law above all else
-Eunuch influences
oCastration – no family lines, no concern of keeping power for their offspring
Looked down upon, known for their deception
Cant get the females in the imperial palace pregnant
No question in the emperor’s line of descent
High pitched voices – due to castration at the age of 10
Many died during the surgery
They would keep testicles in clay jars preserved for life – goal was to die
and be buried with their testicles
Secret Societies
-Practiced martial arts
-Rebel groups – hoping to fill the power back
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