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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Tutorial 11
Ming (1368-1644)
-Lost the mandate of heaven – imposes order upon the physical world
oHeaven emperor people
Emperor serves as the moderator between heaven and the people
Indirectly appointed by heaven to take care of his people
If emperor is doing a bad job, heaven will authorize people to rise up
against the emperor – heavens permission
Qin dynasty (1644-1911) – also known as the Manchu dynasty
-Emperors were not ethically Chinese
-Came from Manchuria
-Queue haircut – long braided ponytail and shaved front half of the head
oSign of submission
-Manchu women – natural feet, did not bind their feet
-Expanded its territories – Tibet, Taiwan
-Koxinga – leader of the camps in Taiwan
o1683 – final Ming dynasty loyalists were extinguished by the Qin
-Qin tried to sell Taiwan to the Dutch, but they declined
-Emperor Kangxi – golden age – grandson: Qianlong – the older he became the more
senile he became – began to get taken advantage of by some of his advisors – He Shen –
extorted from the emperor
-Catamite – young boys brought into the sexual service of the wealthy men
-Qin long believed He Shen was the reincarnation of his concubine by giving him wealth
-Chinoiserie – cultural products
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