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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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New Imperialism
-Europe is reaping the rewards of Industrial Revolution
-Stronger and better equipped militaries
-More opportunities for missionaries to go abroad
-White Mans Burden – responsibility of white men to go abroad and civilize lesser people
oObligation as God fearing Christians to do this
oCoincided with the development of scientific theory of racism
-Social Darwinism – science to back up those who were racist
-Second Opium War – 1858-1860
oEnds with French and British soldiers storming the cities of Beijing and burning
their summer palace
oEnglish Lessons by James Hevin – looks at the storming of the cities
-Extraterritoriality - foreign citizens in China who got into criminal trouble were not tried
by the Chinese laws, they would be tried by their own countries force of law
oChina was never a colonized country – semi colonial state – pockets/settlements
were colonized, but not as a whole
-Taiping Rebellion – Hong Xiuquan
oBelieved he was Jesus’ brother
oColonialism is a marginal infliction of the extremities, where are internal
rebellions are a disease of the vital organs to China
oChinese reformers being to emerge and try to modernize China
-1860- self strengthening movement – attempt to modernize its military
-Ti-Yong Formulation – Ti = underlying essence. Yong = practical application.
-Cixi – originally an imperial concubine – emperor ended up dying and was able to exceed
to the highest power of China
oBoxer Rebellion – 1900 – angry at the Qing governments weakness – how some
citizens were becoming Christians for the economic benefits
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