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week 11 broken down/high lighted

Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Week 11 Asia in a global context during a period of change
Qing Dynasty
Collapse of Ming Dynasty caused by peasant rebellions and Manchu invasions
The Manchu took over China and established the last Chinese dynasty, the Qing
During the early Qing Dynasty, the Manchurians quickly adopted a blend of Chinese
Received wide acceptance from the Chinese and governed China largely in Chinese
Adaptation of: Confucianism, religions, cultural/political institutions
Was not always the case, Manchu ordered Chinese male to shave their head and
leave a pony tail, ordered Chinese women to stop foot binding
Prosperity and population increase
Expansion of territory under Qing China
General prosperity
Agricultural development and Chinas rising population
Though agriculture growth became slower than Chinas population growth, causing
starvation and peasant rebellions
Merchants were allowed to trade further under the Qing, increase in permanent
settlements of Chinese merchants in Southeast Asia
Introduction of New World Crops: such as sweet potatoes, corn, peanuts, and
tobacco. Also early ripening rice were developed during this period
Emperor Kangxi
Patron of Chinese culture and learning
Also studied Latin, mathematics, and western science
Capable administrator and conqueror (Taiwan, Mongolia, Xinjiang, and parts of
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