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Week 8

Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Week 8
What was the impact of the expansive reach of t he Mongol empire on Eurasian trade (and
cultural exchanges)?
The impact that the expansive reach of t he Mongol Empire on Eurasian trade had quite a
few impacts, they could be broken down in three area: the impact on the conquered
countries’ society and culture, the impact on intercontinental cultural exchanges, and the
impact on intercontinental trade networks. On society and culture, Mongol reach affected
Persia, India, and China. Mughal India was now an integration of different cultural
traditions. The impact on intercontinental cultural exchanges was more visible; there was
receptiveness to foreigners that introduced, new era of frequent and extended contacts
across Eurasia. This was also a time where Arab and Indian science/technology was
transmitted to Europe/China. The third impact on intercontinental trade networks allowed
official policy to promote trade and travel. Provided facility and security for trade,
reducing cost and bar r iers for trading. Paper currency, postal-station system, and
merchant association for caravans were made possible.
Akbar’s policies that helped sustain the Mughal Empire?
Akbar’s success in building a truly Indian empire rather than just another alien conquest
was the pr imary foundation of Mughal greatness. Some of his policies that helped
sustain Mughal Empire are as follows:
Unity of Indians – he understood tha t he needed the support of all Indians not just a
certain group of them. He abolished the taxes on Hindu Pilgrims, and the Delhi Sultanate,
which was placed by previous Muslim rul ers. All in all he basically gave Hindu Indians
theirs lives back, and allowed them to integrate back onto society with all their righ ts just
as any other citizens. Thus abolishing religious hierarchy.
Green Spaces - He also created tons of green space, to not only symbolize peace and
prosperity to his fellow followers, but to let everyone enjoy the beauty of nature.
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