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Week 9

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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Week 9
What were the socio-economic, cultural, and political developments in Ming China that
probably enabled the Ming Cour t to sponsor the seven naval expeditions in t he early 15th
Socio Economic
- Ir r igation projects:
reservoirs, canals,
and dikes
- Earlier-ripening
crops, better
fertilizers, and new
crops increased
-Chinese domesti c
market – the worlds
largest market
-Development of
cotton industry in
Ming China – cotton
from India =
and monetization of
-Commercial economy
(paper currency, s ee
next image) Exports
of Chinese silk, tea,
porcelain, lacquer
ware Foreign silver
and silver coins from
Japan, etc., and later
the New World
commercialization, a
widening market,
and r ising demands
-Mechanical looms for
silk and cotton; new
techniques for
woodblock printing
of 3, 4, or 5 colors;
-Restoration of
Chinese tradition:
or thodoxy, civil
service examination,
and law code and
structure from t he
Tang- Song period
-Culturally speaking
Ming China had
opened its door to
foreign inf luence
allowing foreigners
in and out of their
country to trade for
goods and services
Cour t Diplomatic System
-Allowed foreigners
to trade in China
and bring back
Chinese goods,
books, and
Terr itor ial Expansion and
-Expansion to the
west and moved t he
capital from
Nanjing to Beijing
-Repair and built the
great wall

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Week 9 What were the socio-economic, cultural, and political developments in Ming China that probably enabled the Ming Court to sponsor the seven naval expeditions in the early 15th century? Socio Economic Cultural Political Agriculture - Restoration of Court Diplomatic System - Irrigation projects: Chinese tradition: - Allowed foreigners reservoirs, canals, Confucian to trade in China and dikes orthodoxy, civil and bring back - Earlier-ripening service examination, Chinese goods, crops, better and law code and books, and fertilizers, and new administrative technology crops increased structure from the Territorial Expansion and productivity Tang- Song period Consolidation Trade - Culturally speaking - Expansion to the - Chinese domestic
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