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Week 12

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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Week 12
What were the economic, cultural, and political reasons for the rise of Euro
American imperialism in Asia in the nineteenth and early twentieth
-Civilizing mission
or “white mans
-It was believed that the
Europeans saw
themselves as the
higher race and
therefore had to their
duty in front of God
and show the people
of color theyre way
of life and help them
assimilate into
modern day society.
-Survival of the
-Nationalist sentiments
and pr ide
-They believed that the
more they conquered
and inf luenced t he
more powerful they
became. Very much
like greed.
-Lure of prof its,
natural resources,
and markets
-The Indian and
South East Asia
had abundant
supply of natural
recourses that the
Europeans could
exploit and use
towards prof it.
-They already had
trade networks in
tacts and
reputations for
their goods and
products that the
Europeans could
benefit from
What strategies or institutions were adopted by foreign powers to maintain their privileges
and domination in China in the late nineteenth-century?
The strategies and institutions that were adopted by foreign powers to main their
pr ivileges and domination in China in the late ninetieth century, were those that
emphasized oppression. They used legal documents in thud form of treats created by
their rule to maintain privilege. The treaties fur ther impinged on Chinas sovereignty by
limiting their import tarif fs, and opening their markets to Western goods. They also used
legal exclusion to assimilate the Chinese. The Chinese found that they were excluded
from foreign clubs and parks and treated as second-class citizens, and so more and more
enrolled in missionary schools to assimilate into the ways of the westerners. though it
wasnt a large reform. IT was also a way of forcing religion among the Chinese
population, although most people didnt convert upon graduations, they were given the
western thought that embodies religion today.

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Week 12 What were the economic, cultural, and political reasons for the rise of Euro American imperialism in Asia in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? Cultural Political Economic - Civilizing mission - Survival of the - Lure of profits, or white mans fittest natural resources, burden - Nationalist sentiments and markets - It was believed that the and pride - The Indian and Europeans saw - They believed that the South East Asia themselves as the more they conquered had abundant higher race and and influenced the supply of natural therefore had to their more powerful they recourses that the duty in front of God became. Very much Europeans could and show the people like greed. exploit and use of color theyre way towards profit. of life and help them - They already had assimilate into trade networks in modern day society. tacts and
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