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Michael Ekers

Geography - the study of the spatial organization of human activity and of people’s relation- ship w/ their environments. Broad # of relations including economic, culture, politics. Key as- sumptions: 1) nothing natural about the social world (everything is created through relationships) 2) multiple histories & geographies exist & over-layer 3) attention on social & cultural difference & inequality 4) premised on open or integral analysis Place - discreet entity (ex. park, neighbourhood, or campus). Comprised of a coherent commu- nity. Places a role in defining life chances. Provides a setting for people’s daily lives.All pro- cessess are grounded in some physical location.Affects the character of a range of social, cultur- al, political & economic processes. Social, cultural, political & economic entity that assumes its specific character b/c of complex flows & connections that come together in a locale. Layered meaning reflects the social construction of place. Places subject to change. Focused on location w/ a recognition of relations that constitute that location. Globalization - a process and condition that involves increasing interconnectedness of differ- ent parts of the world through common processes of economic, environmental, political & cultur- al change. Emerging communication technologies. New governence frameworks. Increased in- terconnection defines contemporary forms of globalization Absoulte Space - mathematical space, described through points, boundaries & lines (ex.maps). Space pre-exists human activity. Despite assumption of objectivity, it can be deeply political. Broader concept than place Relational Space - not the container of social activity but rather produced out of social activ- ity (ex. socially constructed). Involves an appreciation of the multiple processes that contribute to the geographical configuration & meaning of activity. The spatiality of our lives is subject to ch
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