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Anna Walsh

Unpacking the world food economy  We have to know how the food got on our table and some of us has very little knowledge of it and some of us know the process such as food production, the process, the importing of the food and the relationships that we have with other countries  This came through the food industrial process and made a way to our food market and then it was on our table  The food orgin and how it was travled  The food that exists in Europe and north America goes about for 1500 miles before it lands on our table to eat  Its related t physical distance  We often lack knowledge how we have relationships with other countries through social, ecological and economic system  Many of us don’t know of how the food processed, who produces it, how its traded and how its imported in the global food system, as along as its gets there safely and the prices are good then its okay  The food that is being produced in other countries which really benefits the people goes through different process which makes the food last longer and very beneficial and so many people play a huge role in that  The food economy is being expanded and it is delievering cheap and safe food so why question it  There has been some negative impact the way we produce our food and how we buy it anc sell it  The increasing obious side effects of large-scale industrial agriculture production including biodiversity loss and expouser to toxin from the use of pesticudes have been widespread concern since atleast 1970s  These ways that the people or the cooporation are using are affecting farmers in rich and poor countries, it causing issues for them and are upsetting them and there has been some real concerns  There are group of environments who are using to bring alternatives ways to produce food which are safe  Abiut the global food system the prices are going up and there are some concerns about the food being produced, its our of control. Its affecting people on why the prices are going up and up  To access the food its really expensive for people who are very poor  People in poor countries spend much of their income on buying food and with this high prices its creating a problem  The food and agricultural organization announced that people who go hungry the number has risen to 150 million a year  People who are living in the poor countries with the pricess rising up with lack of access to food leaves a negative impact on the young children because it affecting their health and they need to eat, they can’t go hungry  Together, the ecological, economic, and the social dynamic of the global food system have profound impacts on both producers and consumers around the world  Much of the global food system is shaped by the international countries, political and economic forces plays a huge role in it. They control how the food is produced, imported to other countries and how much should be produced everything is under their control  The interional economic and politics of food are making problem for the poor people to have access to food, they are not reaching out to the poor small villages in other countries  North America and Europe played a huge role in the expansion of the global food system because it was a benefical factor for them to get rich and get access to more food production  For example liberialization of international ahhricultural trade was created  Other groups and business have become part
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