Klein and Crewe Analysis

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Michael Bunce

Klein: - To begin with branding was a mark of quality, to make one mass-produced product stand out from all the others. In the last 15 years branding has itself become the product. - The product is now a medium to transmit the message of the brand. - In the 1980s corporations believed they were becoming too bloated with workers, factories, etc. They started to think that production and manufacturing was a liability and that they should begin focussing their attentions on producing ideas and images over actual products. - Talks about specific companies changing emphasis from the products that they actually make to the image they are trying to portray. Nike not about shoes but sport, Microsoft not software but communications. - Formula is to get rid of unionised factories in the west and replace with Asian or Central American contractors and sub-contractors and then use the saved money to spend on branding. Methods for branding include advertising, superstores, sponsorships. - Talks about people such
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