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Urban Sprawl, Smart Growth, Path Dependence GGRA03 Lecture 11 + Potential Exam Questions

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Andre Sorensen

Urban Sprawl, Smart Growth, Path Dependence GGRA03 Lecture 11 November 23 Potential Exam Questions What is Sprawl? What outlines the major arguments for urban sprawl? What was the main policy in smart growth? Sprawl huge debate in Toronto region (examples?) What kind of cities do we want to build? What is a good urban environment, what patterns do we have? How do we want to change it? What have been the results from policies so far and what can be do better? (Differing opinions about what is a good cityliving environment) *United States: managing Urban Growth Garbage incinerators! Pros and cons? Urban Sprawl A form of urbanization distinguished by leapfrog of development, commercial strips, low density, separated land uses, automobile dominance, and a minimum of public open space Gillham (2002) Leapfrog new urban development that is jumping over undeveloped land (doesnt apply in Toronto) Commercial strips highways Low density live in areas in which you need to drive to go shop or go to school (country side) middle of green fields Automobile dependent development use car for everything
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