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Cast study 8 geo codingspatial join screening dataindividual tax parcelTransportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery TIGERgeocoding more accurate than using TIGER to approx imate addressesNo geocoding is pos sible if address not listed post office box or incomplete or wrong county assigned Match rates range from 53 to 86 ParelA plot of land usually a division of a larger are To divide into parts and distributea semilog model of blood lead level lead exposure for proper ties with screened childrenThe Regression Model with the relationship between some outcome and one factorSuppose for example we want to know something about how education level affects income Spatial autocorrelationSpatial autocorrelation statistics measure and analyze the degree of dependency among observations in a geographic space Classic spatial autocorrelation statistics include Moransand Gearysand GetisG These require measuring a spatial weights matrix that reflects the intensity of the geographic relationship between observations in a neighborhood eg the distances between neighbors the lengths of shared border or whether they fall into a specified directional class such as west Classic spatial autocorrelation statistics compare the spatial weights to the covariance relationship at pairs of locations Spatial autocorrelation that is more positive than expected from random indicate the clustering of similar values across geographic space while significant negative spatial autocorrelation indicates that neighboring values are more dissimilar than expected by chance suggesting a spatial pattern similar to a chess boardTessellationslatticesPartitioning ofgeographic title 1 coverage and no over lapessellation is the process of creating a twodimensional plane using the repetition of a geometric shape with no overlaps and no gaps Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates o
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