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Rajyashree Narayanareddy

GGRB02 – Midterm Exam Review Sheet Spring 2013 Midterm Exam (Worth 25% of total grade) Total points for midterm exam = 50 points (i.e. 5 Concepts=20 points + 4 Short answers=30 points) The midterm for the course will be held between 1:10pm-3:00pm on Tuesday, February 26 in class and it is a closed book exam. Part I Define five concepts: 10 points Note that you will not have a choice here. Each definition is worth 4 points (5 concepts x 4 points =20 points). Define concepts precisely in 2-3 sentences. 1. Relational view of space 2. Sense of place 3. Historical materialism 4. First nature/ Second nature 5. Use value/ exchange value 6. Oil and its effects on community and body 7. Idealist definition of scale 8. Scale jumping 9. Glocal 10.Symbolic landscape Part II Answer Four short answer questions: 20 points You are required to answer FOUR short answer questions out of FIVE. Each answer is worth 7.5 points (4 answers x 7.5points =30 points). The short answer questions will be developed out of the themes listed below. 1. Four different kinds of space (that geographers are currently write about) as defined by Nigel Thrift 2. Geography’s role in formation of (colonial) empires and consolidation of nation states (see Heffernen). 3. Differences between geography as navigation and geography as exploration
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