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URBAN GEOGRAPHY GGRB05H3 Y Summer 2012 University of Toronto Scarborough Reading List Department of Social Sciences May 14. Concepts, Context and Our Urbanizing World. Textbook Chapters 1, 2, and 3. Toronto Community Foundation. 2011. Torontoʼs Vital Signs. Toronto Star Insert. TorontoCommunity Foundation. United Nations. 2008. World Urbanizing Prospects. The 2007 Revision. Executive Summary . United Nations: Department of Economic and Social Affairs. May 28. National Urban Systems. Textbook Chapters 4, 5, and 6. Martin Prosperity Institute; Cities Centre; The Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa; Innis College Urban Studies Program; School of Geography and Earth Studies, McMaster University; Program on Globalization and Regional Innovation Sytms;Schoorinmentieand Development, University of Waterloo; and City Institute at York University. 201Cities Grow Ontario: Urban Challenges and Prospects. Toronto Community Foundation. 2011. Torontoʼs Vital Signs. Full Report . Toronto Community Foundation. June 4. Urban Economies, Employment and Retail Patterns. Textbook Chapters 12 and 14. Toronto Board of Trade. 2011. Toronto as a Global City: Scorecard on Prosperity - 2012 . Toronto Board of Trade. Whyte, M. 2009. Why Richard Florida's honeymoon is over. Toronto Star , June 27. Wilson, D. and Keil, R. 2008. The real creative class. Social and Cultural Geography 9(8): 841-847. 1 June 11. Urban Mobility and Transportation. Textbook Chapter 13. Hess, P. M. and Farrow, J. 20 10. Walkability in Torontoʼs High-Rise Neighbourhoods: Executive Summary. SocialScienceandHumanitiesResearchCouncilofCanada,TorontoCommunity Foundation. Metrolinx. 2008. The Big Move. Government of Ontario. Toronto Public Health. 2012. Road to Health: Improving Walking an
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