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GGRB28H3 Final: GGRB28 Notes for Final

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Steitz

GGRB28 FINAL EXAM NOTES WEEK 8 HIVAIDS HIVAIDS in South Africa South Africa is framed as the rape capital and HIVAIDS capital of the world, but why does South African have this reputation? South Africa does experience high levels of HIV but statistics doesnt tell us why they experience this Reasons for extent of HIVAIDS epidemic are complex o Economic shifts have changed what it means to live a live, intimacy, material things o Widespread unemployment, particularly for Black South Africans Hunter reading puts ethnography and political economy to work to fight unhelpful stereotypes Impact of Neoliberalism The recession in South Africa mid to late 1970s, then economic sanctions as Apartheid fell out of global favor in the 80s PostApartheid: the turn to neoliberalism under President Nelson Mandela, accelerated in 2000 under President Thabo Mbeki o This meant that black people were able to vote Unemployment continues to be high, where at least a quarter of working age adults are not working o This also has uneven geography because is disproportionately affects black populations Whats Intimacy Got to Do with It? Hunter: Shift in communities hard hit by unemployment from mostly men earning a living and supporting a wide to many men and women making a living in multifarious ways (5) o Unemployment changes intimacy and condom use Both men and women participate in waged work, but many of them, particularly Black folks, are left out (racialized class inequality getting even worse postApartheid) In the absencemargins of formal economic activity, social reproduction is what people have to barterexchange for survival and for company o Breadwinner to everyone working and finding it hard to make ends meat o The breadwinner would work during they day and then go home From marriage to boyfriendgirlfriend gift relationships that involve material benefits for unmarried women but also feelings of love and a wide range of moral and reciprocal obligations What is to be done? Pathologizing gift relationships as transactional or immoral doesnt work as a public health strategy because it doesnt reflect the economic or intimate realities of peoples lives o Economic shifts do affect this problem People need health outreach and education that respects how they live their intimate lives Unemployment is a huge part of the problem, though not a simple cause Disparities between private and underfunded, overworked public health systems in South Africa (and elsewhere) need to be corrected o People need health outreach and education that respects how they live their intimate lives Decolonization and HIVAIDS South Africa has a history of settler colonialism, as do other countries such as the US, Canada, Australia etc.
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