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Michelle Majeed

th MondayApril 16 , SW 128, 143 Cumulative examination 5 out of 7 short and long answers (10 together) link concepts and authors together Not on the exam (just for your information)... • Epidemic ◦ an outbreak of a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and widely • Pandemic ◦ Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population • Endemic ◦ Prevalent in or peculiar to a particular locality, region or people (malaria and the tropics – or so the theory goes) Review: • Geographical imaginations ▪ term defined by Ferek Gregory: Wrote book of the same name (1993) ▪ Defined as the spatialized cultural and historical knowledge that charracterizes social groups. ▪ Spatialized = region area or place ; it may not be correct knowledge, it may be just a rumor thatAfrica is a dangerous place for white people. ▪ It is what we base our understand on and we view the people a certain way also. ◦ Theraputic landscapes – places that are theraputic for people, creates wellness... traditional wellness. (ie/ Mudbaths) • TRIPS --trade related aspects of intellectual property rights ◦ came into effect at the end of the Uruguay round of WTO in 1994 • only apply to members of the WTO previous to 1994 • there are bilateral trade agreements ▪ Canada and US have a free trade agreement ◦ Parallel importing ◦ Generic production –compulsory licencing • copy right on the drug because it is their intellectual property... • What is denalism? ◦ Policy put in place by south african government in calls forARVs to treat HIV ◦ south african gov't refused to link HIV toAIDS • It wasn't a denial that HIV didn't exist , but it was that they didn't think one led to another • questioned the effectiveness ofARVS for treatingAIDS – thought thatARVS are more toxic than helpful, so muched for more nutritional approach with vitamins etc... ◦ Racial tropes of africans of being permiscous and diseased • want to give the country pride and perception and geographical imaginatino & africa and AIDS ◦ tight budget constraints • lots of businesses left after apartheid ◦ they had to buy at retail price because they cannot break trips or bilateral agreements ◦ newly independent country & because colony they are under WTO. • high unemployment rates 50-60% ◦ new government facing enormous developmental challenges • Structural adjustment programs ▪ administered by world bank and IMF ▪ Considered to be IFIs ◦ 1970 petro dollars, and a lot of countries have a lot of money to burn, lets lend it out to countries in need ◦ last round of colonies to get independence and in dire need of money • debt crisis for african countries • new loans and debt rescheduling in exchange for standard package of macroeconomics policy • SAP imposed on 42 governments in sub-saharan africa during the 80s and 90s. ◦ We tell them what to do in order to get the money, and what they need to do to continue to get money.... ◦ often what happens if the people in government were put there as puppets... and make sure they are paid off and corrupt so that the west can still come in and take their resources... SAPpolicy Country response Health Outcome Ideology of market Use fees Less access to health services - no money therefore u wont use it - closing hospitals and layoff nurses... so travel more to go get help Reduced gov spending Cuts in public employment Cuts in health services - cuts in amount people in industry -reducing tech available Trade liberalization Cuts in private employment Greater economic dependence of - reduce workers rights women on men - tax breaks to companies who - less employment want to come in... • SAPS and HIV and Aids ◦ cut in state spending – reduced health services ◦ unemployment rates rise ◦ new forms of gendered dependencies ◦ creates pathways to HIV andAIDS • cutting funding and no money to buy food, so they are malnourished... cannot access services cause cannot afford it. • Diasopra ◦ the
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