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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andre Sorensen

Short Essay Questions: 4 & 7 4. Both Jabareen (2006) and Wheeler (2003) identify urban form factors that are likely to result in sustainable cities or regions. But we know that every place has unique problems and uniqe experiences in solving them. Choose either Jabareen or Wheeler and discuss how well the current plans to manage growth in the GTA conform to the urban design factors he identifies. What are the main problems local policy-makers are trying to solve? Note: I have chosen to use the Jabareen (2006) article to answer this question. Thesis: This essay will examine the urban form factors which are identified as contributing to sustainability through the examination of factors Jabareen identifies, how these policies match up with current plans and policies in the GTA, and lastly what problems are trying to be solved. 1. Jabareens urban form factors: The emergence of sustainable development as a popular concept has increased discussion of the urban form of cities. It has provoked scholars and practicioners in different profession to seek forms of human settlements which meet the requirements of sustainability and allow the built enviro to function in a more contructive way. This article identifies several design concepts related to sustainable urban form: compact uses, sustainable transport, density, mixed land use, diversity, passive solar design and greening. They identify four types of sustainable urban form the neotraditional development, urban containment, the compact city, and the eco-city. The current urban form of contemporary cities is perceived as a source of environmental problems.
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