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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andre Sorensen

4. Both Jabareen 2006 and Wheeler 2003 identify urban form factors that are likely to result in sustainable cities or regions. But we know that every place has unique problems and unique experiences in solving them. Chose either Jabareen or Wheeler and discuss how well the current plans to manage growth in the GTA conform to the sustainable urban design factors he identifies. What are the main problems local policy-makers are trying to solve? The GTA plan conforming to sustainable urban design essentially means trying to move towards transit-oriented design (TOD). In particular however sustainable development as both Jabareen (2006) and Wheeler (2003) argue is one that looks to improve quality of life and ecological systems. Furthermore the GTA is looking to plan with the Places to grow act, is where the initiative is to plan for growth in a way that supports economic prosperity and achieves a high quality of life. Planning for growth would involve sustaining a robust economy, builds complete and strong communities that use land, resources and existing infrastructure efficiently, promoting a healthy environment and a culture of conservation. Through Places to Grow, GTA can work to develop a regional growth plans (Ontario) that guide government investments and policies. The Toronto Official plan to manage growth is another vital imitative for sustainable urban design. Important to discuss (Jabareen 2006) seven design concepts for more sustainable urban form, which includes: Compact cities, sustainable transport, higher densities, mixed land uses, diversity, passive solar design, and greening. 1. Compactness is in essence the ability for urban contiguity (and connectivity), which suggests that future urban development should take place adjacent to existing urban structures (Jabareen 2006). When the concept is applied to existing rather than new urban fabric, it refers to the containment of further sprawl, rather than the reduction of the present sprawl (Jabareen 2006). In the case of the Toronto sprawl has seen the downtown core expand outwards to the suburbs, and become the GTA under Metro However, Wheeler (2003) indicates that the GTA has been relatively good at promoting nearby development due to policies of not extending infrastructure for more than one concession block at a time. Local policy makers are always in conflict with developers looking for development of urban form 2. Sustainable Transport is defined as transportation services that reflect the full social and environmental costs of their provision; that respect carrying capacity; and that balance the needs for mobility and safety with the needs for access, environmental quality, and neighbourhood livability Downtown Toronto in 19 century was more connected, than the 20 century th problems of accessibility due to expansions in urban form.
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